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Quality caviar pike Astrakhan Russia

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Описание: Black and red caviar has long taken the place of all your favorite delicacies, and today few people remember that there is another type of caviar, from less "noble species of fish." This white caviar. In Russia, it is highly appreciated especially for its delicate flavor, nutritional quality and availability.

Types and methods of cooking eggs white

Caviar carp, whitefish, pike, pollack, cod, pike and other fish refers to a white calf. Delicate taste and aroma makes it similar to caviar. Any kind of white eggs can be used as an additive in sauces for fish salads, as well as creamy sauces to various seafood. The crude white films from eggs fried with onions and garlic. White caviar will be a good addition to an omelet and egg dishes.

Considered the most valuable caviar pike: with proper salting it acquires a beautiful amber color and becomes crumbly. It is usually eaten with toasted white bread, to feel the delicate taste.

Pollock roe is rarely used as a standalone product. She napiminaet mush with a strong fishy taste and smell, so it is usually added to sauces for salads with fish or seafood.

The most common white caviar on our market - capelin roe. Most often it is mixed with butter and added pieces of smoked fish. This is due to the fact that capelin caviar has a very distinct taste.

Palatable is carp roe. Its eggs are small, bright red color. In fresh eggs add onions and make a delicious pie. And if canned caviar add sour cream or mayonnaise, make a great sauce for fish.

Another type of white eggs - caviar walleye. It has a liquid consistency, and light-beige shade. It is usually salted with the addition of large amounts of salt and served with onion and vegetable oil.

Useful properties

White eggs on its nutritional properties are not inferior to red or black. This is a product that is almost entirely protein absorbed by the human body. It contains vitamin A, and vitamin B9, and E. In addition, it is composed of phosphorus, folic acid, iron and other minerals and organic compounds necessary for the full development of the body, normalizing blood pressure and increase hemoglobin. Fish oil, which is part of caviar is very valuable. Its use normalizes metabolism and is a good tool for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, thyroid.

interesting fact

Eggs, as they believe, is used not only as a delicacy snacks. Nordic peoples of our country can do whitefish roe energy drink. To this end they use a fresh eggs, which was added salt and water. This mixture is ground thoroughly pestle. Eggs over time dissolves completely and get a drink, which is easily absorbed by the body and gives a burst of energy.

Caloric and nutritional value of white eggs

Caloric white eggs - 132 kcal.

Nutritional value of white caviar proteins - 27,9 g, fats - 1,8 g, carbohydrates - 1,1 g

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